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The major improvement from last year was that there was enough oxygen for people to feel well. At some stage it was almost windy inside, but it is far better to put on a jacket than having to venture outside at regular intervals to avoid a headache. I am pleased that they have a contract for having the festival at the same place next year.

My only real complaint this year is about the food. The options were grilles sausage and grilled sausage. They came with bread or potato salad. 50 Danish kroner for a miserable meal was not a bargain. Additionally there were very long lines to be able to buy food. Sure, you can go to the pizza place down the road, but two years ago there was splendid food to be had. If there are limits to what you can offer in the way of hot food, at least there could be a range of sandwiches?

What else?

Friendly locals, a big thanks to all the volunteers who spent so much of their spare time setting up and rigging down, managing tickets and tokens, doing all the small things you only notice when they don’t work. The Danish Beer Enthusiasts now have the experience of enough festivals to have the necessary routines.

No dates for next year are public yet, but I expect to see you in front of the elephants in May!

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