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I’m not sure how to dispence the impressions over a series of blog posts. Luckily there weren’t that many of the English language bloggers around, meaning there is a rush to post first.

I had great expectations for this. Ther organizers had kindly provided the more desparate among us with an pdf of the programme, including a beer list.  This meant I was able to plan ahead, marking off a number of beers I wanted to try. (I have stopped finding must haves, as this only leads to frustration and misery.)

After a pleasant lunch at BrewPub – where there was a number of familiar faces, I set out for the Festival. The venue was the old Carlsberg brewery, just as for the festival two years ago. The hall they used this year was better suited for the purpose, having both proper ventilation and toilet facilities.

So. An application for press accreditation did not mean much pampering, but at least I was able to bypass the queue and get an overview before things got too packed.

The ambitions this year were a bit more modest than in 2008, which meant fewer stands and less foreign beers. I would not know how many of the around 100 Danish breweries were present, but all the major players were there. Some importers, the most interesting of them having invited breweries from countries like Canada and Belgium along. BrewDog was there, (nuclear) penguins and all, Italian avant garde brewery Revelation Cat, De Molen were present with some limited releases ensuring a constant line of fans lining up most of the time.

Nørrebro Bryghus had an enormous range of beers as they tend to have at festivals, Mikkeller had dozens of new beers, Amager and Hornbeer were strongly present as well.

I found it hard to spot any general trends. There is a lot of barrel aging going on, there are lots of strong beers, but generally the whole spectrum is covered.

The tickers had a stand for themselves – the organizers had kindly donated some space for RateBeer members from across Europe. Some spent most of their time there, others used it as a base for exploring the festival. 10 cl sampler glasses make these events very ticker friendly.

Tickers at work

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