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I should have know. Really.

That there would be beer events in the days leading up to the beer festival. But there are minor disturbances. Like a day job, family, plane tickets that have to be booked long in advance.

So I am stuck in Oslo while they open the Mikkeller bar in Copenhagen tonight.

This is what they published on Facebook yesterday:

17:00 Bar opens!! There will be free samples of our two new house beers: Vesterbro Pilsner and Vesterbro Wit. We have two entrances at the bar. You get in at one of them, pass the bar and get your beer and go out of the other one. We have to do it this way to make sure everyone gets their beer. As we want this to run smotthly we do not sell beer at this stage of the event.

18:00 (or 18:30 depending on how many people we have to serve): First lineup of beers on the 15 taps. There will be a lot of world premieres from Mikkeller and other breweries to buy samples of! During the next many hours new beers will be added regularly when kegs are emptied.

24:00: Doors are closed. And we are tired 🙂 But we will open the bar the next day, Thursday, at 14:00 and will also be at the Festival at Tap 1 with 22 beers on tap!

New Mikkeller beers, exclusive stuff from Nøgne Ø. Lambic on tap. Even Dark Lord. Yes, I said Dark Lord.

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