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Swedish Member of Parliament Hans Wallmark has an update on his blog about the revisions in Swedish alcohol legislation. Anyone being able to read Swedish (or able to use Google translator) should read it, it contains a coherent line of reasoning I won’t try to summarize here, except one point.

Hans feels that the government proposes some positive changes, but they are dragging their feet in other areas, particularly when it comes to selling alcohol directly from farms making them.

The government says the following:

The possibilities for allowing the sale of alcohol from farms should be analyzed further. The Government has therefore decided to do a study to find out if it is possible to allow farm sales of alcoholic beverages within EU legislation and while still keeping the government retail monopoly.

The Norwegian minister of Agriculture, Lars Peder Brekk, Center Party, has called for a more liberal policy in Norway in this area. His coalition partners in the Social Democratic Party are, however, not amused, they feel that tinkering with the legislation in this field might mean an end to the retail monopoly system.

Some farmhouse booze to go?

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