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Bored of the mild

I don’t read many brewer’s blogs, I mostly try to follow the beer fans perspectives, mostly from this side of the Atlantic. But I really enjoy Eddie Gadd’s blog. He’s the head brewer at Ramsgate brewery.

Eddie has views on the traditional British mild which are very similar to mine:

 To properly enjoy mild of olde one needs to sample far more of the stuff in a single sitting than is currently acceptable simply because, in order to really *get* it, one needs to tune into its very raison d’etre, that is, to slake the thirsts of parched miners and mill workers as they return home from a hard days graft. The stuff is brewed to be enjoyed by the gallon and so a few sips here and there isn’t going to cut it.

So it follows that since the reason for drinking mild has disappeared, so too have the sales and thus the brewing of it. Anything going out of fashion like that is red rag to a bull where our friends, CAMRA, are concerned and so, yearly, May becomes ‘Mild Month’ and we’re all cajoled into brewing and drinking the stuff completely out of context. We spend a less than physically gruelling day at our desks, returning first to home to play our parental roles and have dinner, then to the pub for lasties, a satisfying couple at most, and you want us to drink a 3% beer that hasn’t got any hops in it? No way.

 But there is a happy ending here. Go on, read it!

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