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I should have made some fun about the Carlsberg strike. I really should. You can read the story on Sky News. And then you may wonder why a global brand let things slide until they get bad publicity – globally.

My sister worked for a brewery in our home town about three decades ago. They solved this issue by giving them a crate of beer to take home every week.

Carlsberg bottle and glass

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Low-tech but inventive

I don’t really buy many gadgets. I enjoy the iPod I got for my birthday, but that is mostly for storing music and podcasts. I rely on fairly standard phones and pc’s. I don’t use any devices to measure my progress when I walk or bicycle, either.

When it comes to beery gadgets, it’s mostly bottle openers and glasses. I have even pruned my beer glass collection to a minimum.

But sometimes there are inventions which come across as brilliant. Filling needs you did not know you had. The  Maßkrughalter für das Fahrrad. for instance.

This is the invention of a group of Munich engineering students.

It is available online. Have a look at the technical specifications first, they have an adapter for older bike models. But you’ll probably have to go to Munich to get technical assistance from a properly attired Mädchen.

Thanks to lieblingsbier.de for the tip.

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