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Maybe next year

Just when the travel arrangements for the rest of the year are more or less wrapped up, BA e-mails me with bargain prices to New York. Oh well. there are fine brews where I’ll be going, too. But still. 3900 Norwegian kroner return isn’t half bad.

yellow cabs and beer

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As I said, the Easter break was not a beer trip,  but, knowing me, you’ll not be surprised that I found a few opportunities to sample some brews.
Our hotel was conveniently located close to the Van Gogh museum and the lovely Vondelpark (btw, can anyone tell me where all the parakeets in the park come from? Do they let them out for Easter every year?)
This was, however, a bit away from the more famous beer bars in town. Even more disappointing was that on our walk through the city centre, it turned out some of the flagships either were closed on Mondays or opened at four. Sure, I found a place that offered a lunchtime Duvel, but I was looking for something more.
My homework had, however, revealed a beer bar close to the hotel. Gollem’s Proeflokaal offered 22 beers on tap, some of them rotating, plus about fifty in bottles. The lists were very strong on Belgian beers, not so much on Dutch brews. But I could certainly spend a few days in there without worrying about the beer range – very strong on the trappists, a seasonal bock, Brigand IPA, a lovely aged beer from Kasteel.
They have the Westy 12 at 12 Euros, which is fairly decent, but if you have other Trappist favourites, you are likely to find them as well. Not so strong on the spontaneously fermented beers, perhaps, but they don’t claim to have an encyclopedic list, either. The most interesting Dutch beers were the relatively local beers from ‘tIJ. Luckily nothing from de Molen, or I’d be stuck there still.
Food includes beer snacks as well as more substantial meals like fondue. While I was there they seemed to be doing a brisk trade in cheese and salad dishes.
A separate smoking room, tables outside for the summer season. Sampler glasses if you are in doubt about a beer before ordering.

Highly recommended.

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