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A few recent news items related to the Norwegian beer scene shows that this is no longer just an arena for a few enthusiasts. It’s like Science Fiction after Star Wars, craft beer is going mainstream.

First of all the Norwegian Brewer’s association, which, without much fuss, has recruited most of the micro breweries of the nation – 15 new members over the last month or so. This organisation has traditionally been a mouthpiece for the big players, but they have obviously redefined themselves.

I think the main reason is the new director of the organisation, Petter Nome, who has solid background from radio and TV. A redefined organisation means a much better credibility than what used to be more or less a spokesman for Carlsberg.

It will be interesting to see how the organisation develops, there are good reasons to hope for a focus on craft beer and ber culture – and perhaps issues lik a gliding tax scale for micros?

The new members of Norwegian Brewers:

  • Arendals Bryggeri AS, Arendal
  • Atna Øl, Atna
  • Breiflabben Brygghus, Andøy
  • Gjerberg Bryggeri, Rakkestad
  • Hønefoss Brygghus, Hønefoss
  • Haandbryggeriet, Drammen
  • Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri, Inderøy
  • Kinn Bryggeri, Florø
  • Lervig Aktiebryggeri, Stavanger
  • Lillehammer Bryggeri, Lillehammer
  • Smaa vesen Bryggeri, Bagn i Valdres
  • Trollbryggeriet, Stranda
  • Valdres Gardsbryggeri, Heggenes
  • Ægir Bryggeri, Flåm
  • Ølve på Egge Bryggeri AS, Steinkjer

Come to think of it, the other item is for another blog post…

Lillehammer Bryggeri sign

All breweries great and small

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