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The mad Scots are at it again, provoking some, delighting some. Even stronger this time, 41%. And it’s called Sink the Bismarck!

Go watch their new hilarious video!

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While I blog in English, it is obviously not my mother tongue. I have a question for native English speakers reading my blog today.

Some time ago I took part in a competition arranged by the Scandinavian office of the national tourist board of a country in Northern Europe . The invitation ran like this:

Are you a Norwegian blogger with dreams of becoming the next big travel writer? Do you have a sense of adventure, like to travel and then tell all of your friends and family about your experiences once you’re back home? If so, then what are you waiting for?  Get blogging!

Visitxxxxis calling all Norwegian bloggers to put their skills to use to win a 3 night trip to yyyy and surrounds to become the national tourist board’s ‘yyyy blogger’.  

They have picked the winner now, a person who does not have a blog of his own.

Does that make sense?

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