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The municipal water supplier in Oslo has asked all households to boil their water, as, for reasons unknown to me, they have failed to disinfect the water for a day or so. Luckily I have a few bottles of alternative liquid refreshments in the basement. I mean, there are limits to how much coffee I can drink..

The online edtition of Norwegian daily Dagbladet reminds us that lots of good beer is at half price across the border in Sweden.

Test batches are being brewed at Olympen, Oslo, as they are preparing for their brewpub due to open approximately June.

Japanese micros are on their way to a handful of beer bars in Norway.

Sweet Horizon, Red Horizon and Dark Horizon No 3 are being bottled. The new Sunturnbrew, too. All from Nøgne Ø, of course.

Where is this pub?

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