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The Pub History Society, in cooperation with the British National Archives, has a seminar on pub history on 20 February.

Speakers include Jack Adams revealing ‘Lost London pubs’, Patrick Chaplin looking at aspects of the history of darts’,  ‘Pub Signs and Names’.  David Roe will give a slide presentation about the history of pub signs and the origin of pub names. It will focus on examples for London pubs – some of historical interest and some with entertaining signs and names.   ‘The pub and the people’. Simon Fowler looks at contemporary views of pubs in the 1930’s and David Thomas goes behind the scenes of the coaching inn.

Free admission, but advance reservation essential.

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While the Scandinavian governmental TV channels do not wince at showing horror movies, and while our offspring are busy have blood spattered monitors after battling down rebel forces on their Xboxes, there are still things which are too tough for us.
Swedish TV Channel SVT is currently running a series called Landet brunsåsThe Land of brown sauce –  asking questions about why Swedes eat what they do.
One part of a program was to feature the cooking and eating of a guinea pig. When one of the national tabloids got hold of this, the scenes were deleted, presumably after protests from the family that sold the pet to the journalist.

To be replaced by brown sauce, I assume.

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