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It’s been a while since the last installment in this series, so it’s a bit time to follow up.

Håndtverkeren is a traditional restaurant in central Oslo, lately being mostly used for meetings – press conferences and so on.

It closed down for some weeks last year and reopened as HåndverkerStuene. It is slightly refurbished, with a large bar and lots of smaller areas and long tables. Still inspired by ca 1890 national romantic style, but not excessively so.

There is still wine and stronger stuff to be had, but this is now an unashamedly beery spot. A printed beer menu with a long list of Norwegian micros and selected imports. Six Norwegian micro beers on tap, and you can even order a sampler of those.

The food is reputedly good, too, and there is a daily special that’s moderately priced.

I work in downtown Oslo for the time being, so I popped in on my way from work the other day. There was one beer on their list I particularly wanted to try, Haandbryggeriet’s Wild Thing.

I have tried a prototype of this beer at the brewery some time ago. I’m not sure if this is being brewed at commercial scale now – but there are properly printed labels for this, so I assume it’s on its way.

Wild Thing is brewed with lingonberries, red currants and Brett. The prototype was quite sharp, very dominated by the red currants as far as I remember. The sourness is still there, but it is more Rodenbach-like and a bit more muted. The malty base is more present, giving good balance. The lingonberries give a fresh fruitiness.

Highly recommended. They could consider a better spelling of the name, though, the capital S is out of place…

I will also like to highlight the good service. I was there at a quiet time, and the waiter came over to my table and politely enquired if the beer was to my liking. This is the style we want. Let’s hope it wasn’t only because he noticed my camera and note book.


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