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Some updated information about opening hours and tickets, shamelessly stolen from beerticker.dk:

  • Thursday 6 May  16 to 23
  • Friday 7 May 16 to 23
  • Saturday 8 May  16 to 23

I don’t know if there are trade sessions in addition to these general opening hours.

Tickets will be available from 15 February, with discounts for members of the Danish Beer Enthusiasts. I assume there will be details on their web site soon.

Early days yet, but I suppose I will arrive on Friday afternoon. Time to make a temporary booking at Sct Thomas, I suppose.

And yes, it’s back at the former Carlsberg premises again.

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Flying the flag?

Looking into the options for a Easter family break in the Low Countries, I find that one possibility of a discount train ticket Brussels – Bruges is to travel for patriotic reasons. Yes, it’s in the English version of the  pull down menu of the booking site of the Belgian railways.

I could understand this category on the Russian state railways. But in Belgium? Must be for beer festivals or something.

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The wonderfully named AB InBev has announced a 10 per cent reduction in the 8,000-strong workforce in Belgium, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, according to BeverageDaily.

Unsurprisingly, this has led to protests. 

In Belgium, news of the job cuts prompted union representatives at the Jupiler brewery to hold 10 managers hostage. After 11 hours the workers eventually let the managers go.

At both the Jupiler and Leven breweries in Belgium the gates have been blocked since Thursday, preventing lorries from entering or leaving.

Along with a general overall decline there has been a shift in drinking habits with more premium and specialty beers gaining popularity. AB InBev said its restructuring plans are designed to make the company more consumer focused, and better able to respond to new opportunities in the beer market.

I seriously doubt that it’s possible to make a company of this size consumer orientated.  Or maybe, if it means chasing the latest fads in the market, including packaging, added flavour or health claims.

But real innovation in the brewery sector is not happening among giants struggling for world market shares. It takes place in small and mediums size breweries where the head brewer and his team are considered more crucial than the men in the marketing and accounts departments. And where there is a real possibility of direct communication between the consumer and the brewery.

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Irregular blogging

A job change, at least temporarily, means my blogging will be rather irregular for the time being. But there’s nothing wrong, no one is ill or anything, just don’t expect many posts per week.

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I told you some months ago about about the British tourism agency’s competition to write a pub guide to Newcastle. Well, I was not on the short  list, but I give it another try.

Right now they are looking for a Norwegian blogger to fly to Aberdeen and write for their Mind the Gap blog. The competition does not see to be as fierce this time around.

If I go, I promise a first hand report from BrewDog. And I’m sure there is a pub or two in town.

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This is from the NRKbeta web site, where you will also find instructions on how to make a film like this. What makes this relevant for me is that the footage is filmed a few hundred meters from my apartment. I don’t see the park from the same angle, but it is pretty close.

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Icelandic beer blog

Welcome to the new kid on the block,  Haukur, Icelandic beer blogger writing in English. Piece by piece, we are covering the white areas of the map.

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