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World class

We Norwegians are extremely pleased when we get a moment in the limelight. It’s usually when our fjords and islands are declared among the most beautiful on the planet, when we manage to broker a peace agreement between enemies in foreign lands (which fall apart the next week, but we pretend not to notice) or when we get the award for the most expensive pint in the world.
It is therefore with undiluted joy I can tell you that an Oslo restaurant is in the top 50 beer restaurants of the world, according to ratebeer. No, it’s not near the top of the list, but it is a strong symbol of how the Norwegian market has changed over just a few years.
Olympen has Norwegian micros on tap, a full range of bottled beers from the best domestic and imports and a food menu to match. Their mark up is moderate, especially for the more rare imports, and they actively seek a dialogue with their customers. It’s not rocket science, just a simple concept that works.
Best of all, it is a success. It’s not a place struggling to circulate the contents of their cellar. Every time I pop in, there are people drinking micro beers on some tables. And according to press reports, they are making good money from this concept. 

Anything negative about the place? It’s hopeless to take good photos there in the evening.
Cheers to Olympen!

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