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I’m sure I’ve used that heading before…

The new Westfield shopping centre in Sheperds Bush, West London, has everything you expect of glass and crome, designer bars, fashion shops and a few large supermarkets. I managed to find the M& S to buy some socks and shirts as well as picking up a few of their new range of beers. The rest of the shops were too bewildering for an old man like me.

Speaking of beers, what a place like this needs is a proper pub. Not a bar with over priced San Miguel, but a pub.

There was a Wetherspoons across the street, but after checking that none of their seasonal beer were on and getting some hostile glances from the serious drinking crowd, I decided that this was not really my style. Obviously there are parts of theh are that is still waiting for gentrification.

Better then the Bull, inside the shopping complex itself. As you enter from the Underground or bus station, the serious shopping is on the right, while there is a long line of eateries on the left. I only gave them a cursory glance, but there seemed to be plenty to choose from.

The decor is a bit bewildering, with sofas, school desks, farmyard nostalgia clashing with stark modernism.

Doom Bar and Adnams Broadside on cask. Bitburg and other lagers, a long wine list on the blackboard. The Broadside was OK, but too cold.

The blackboard promised more substantial meals soon, but they already had oysters, pork pies and scotch eggs if anyone was desperate for solid food. (I know, you could always debate wether oysters are to be considered solid food…)

This is a nice place for a pint if you need a break during shopping, and I’d pick this as a place to wait for family members trawling the shoe shops and other delights of the shopping centre. Very convenient for Overground, Underground and the spanking new bus station, too.

Some techno music in the background. I have a feeling this place could be unbearable for the over 30ish if they turn up the volume in the evening. But you can’t have it all. Not all the time.

Glass lined pewter mugs. I saw that the regulars at Jeff’s place had them, too. Probably the next big thing. No, I did not nick one.

Every time I get to do a review of a London pub overlooked by the local bloggers I’m pretty pleased. It’s like the towels with the message I got to the pool before the Germans.

I got to the pub before Boak and Bailey.

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Really Old Ale

A museum in the Åland islands has a new attraction. A bottle of Bass King’s Ale, sealed with wax and lead. Yes, this is what I want for my birthday!

Thanks to Johan at Svenska Ölfrämjandet for pointing to this!

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