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My friend Per Christian pointed out this quote from Ansible online SF fanzine, which originates from Nicholas Pashley’s book, Cheers! An Intemperate History of Beer in Canada, which Alan has reviewed earlier without mentioning this little nugget:

At least beer geeks get to drink beer, which is a step up from most other forms of geekery. Plus, you don’t have to wear pocket protectors or make Star Trek costumes, and sometimes you actually get to meet women.

Here is another piece from the book by the way of the National Post:

And look what happens when we drink outside the home. The wine drinkers are in restaurants or wine bars, so when their appetites get stimulated they wind up eating “nouvelle cuisine” or “cuisine minceur” or, as we say in English, “small servings.” Which frequently include vegetables. The beer drinker gets peckish and orders a plate of nachos with a side of wings, and maybe a few sour-cream-and-bacon-stuffed potato skins, just in case. Who’s getting fat, and why? Maybe if we spat it out – the nachos, I mean – we’d be as healthy as the wine guys. Not to mention that the wine guys go running and spend time at the gym while we’re at the pub.

No room for more books on the shelves after Christmas. But this one is definitely on my maybe list.

He forgot to mention that some of the women in question wear Dirndls. Or maybe that’s in the next chapter.

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