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Hobbies come and go, at least for me. Sure, I have all my Beatles vinyl records stacked away, but I am not eagerly picking up promos of Ringo’s latest appearances any longer. Most of my Science Fiction books are stacked away, too. 

And there is no reason for blogging to be fundamentally different. There are phases in life, and, particularly at the turn of the year, we consider if we should go on. Most of us, anyway. 

I have completely given up following the trends of the US beer blogging scene, but try to have an overview of the important voices in Europe. 

There has been an explosion in beer blogs in Sweden and the UK recently, and with all the new (and young) voices, it is not surprising that some established bloggers step down. 

One blog has its final post now – Jeff ‘s Beer Blog, formerly known as Stonch’s Beer Blog. If you haven’t read this regularly, now is the time to catch up. He has had a distinct, personal voice, and his blog is a personal chronicle of his life at both sides of the bar for exactly three years. 

Jeff will be missed, but it is not as if he has lied down and died. He is still running his pub in Clerkenwell, London, and it’s a splendid place for a pint, meal and a chat. Tell him I sent you! 

Pulling a pint

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