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Feeding the troll

I’ve told you about the beer drinking troll in the Post Office. The one that has a box of Williams Brothers’ ales and also a bottle from Cornwall. The beers never appeared, but I am kindly invited to fill in a number of forms.

Let’s hope he is too busy making other types of mischief so that the can of Buckbean Brewing Company Very Noddy Lager slips through. But I’m hardly optimistic.

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beerticker.dk is doing his annual count of new Danish beers. The final list is not ready yet, but it is fascinating to see how the beer revolution in Denmark has developed. This is the number of new beers:

  • 2009:     over 560
  • 2008:     647
  • 2007:     556
  • 2006:     506
  • 2005:     234
  • 2004:     82
  • 2003:     54
  • 2002:     30
  • 2001:     21
  • 2000:     15
  • 1999:     17
  • And remember that this is a country where you can have English cask ales in pubs, and they probably have the best range of Belgian and US beers outside of their native countries as well.

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