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Pleasant company

For an oldtimer like me, the friends and acquaintances you get through the social web is still a source for wonder. It used to be that hobbies and interests like beer was something you pursued with a few like-minded friends. In bigger cities, there would be clubs and associations, in smaller town nothing.

In the global village, this is history. If you want to pursue any type of interest, you can interact with others across all the stereotypical gaps there are.

But it is, obviously, something else to meet people face to face. And for beer geeks, nothing beats a discussion about beer over a few pints.

I was lucky to catch up with Boak and Bailey in London last week, just before they were off for some days in Belgium and Germany.

A very pleasant evening spent at the Gunmakers, where you can rely on good food and a decent pint. Jeff was nowhere to be seen, but his staff were doing their duties quite unsupervised. If they have the duck with red cabbage on the blackboard, you should definitely try it.

A fine and quiet start to my week – and hope to see both of you next year!

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Yes, yes, I’ll get around to blogging about my days in London. Real soon.

Meanwhile, here is a report from the London blog of Time Out, The Big Smoke, Loving London Beer from their visit to Sambrooks combined with a beer tasting. Definitely something for next year.

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