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The best thing about my week in London was being able to meet up with so many beer bloggers, some for the first time.


The Beer Nut

Pete Brown

Ron Pattison


Melissa Cole

Pencil and Spoon

Impy Malting

The real ale reviews

Woolpack Dave

Zak Avery

Apologies to those not mentioned, it’s hard to connect blogs to nicknames to real names to faces. And I’ll come back to the ratebeer crowd.

The first week of Christmas should be declared British Beer Blogger’s Week, London Beer Week or something. It’s when they hand out the awards of the British Guild of Beer Writers (congratulations to all of you who won awards!), it’s the Pig’s Ear Festival, and the Old Ale Festival at the White Horse is around this time, too.

This means there are lots of people about, doing the rounds of the pubs and shops. You are likely to bump into the celebrities of the European beer scene more than once, and a jolly gang it is.

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Back from London. A very active week, I’ll get back to the details over the next days and weeks.

Bought a few beers too many as usual, but I somehow managed to fit them into my suitcase. Including the tea mug.

Three main sources for these beers: The Fuller’s Brewery Shop, The Pig’s Ear Festival and my friend the Beer Nut.

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