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… at the end of every year.

This was the title of one of the few Beatles songs that never had any official re-release. (Since you asked, it’s on their Christmas album, distributed to their fan club members only.)

Well, one country where they have started celebrating is Sweden, with an impressive list of Christmas beers at the state monopoly stores. The overview provided by Schnille och Schmak on their blog provided a handy shopping list when a few of us set out for Charlottenberg, a sleepy border town that would probably have population 112 or so if it wasn’t for the roaring border trade.

Well, all the beers are not to be found at all stores, so some of the more obscure US brews were not available, but there was no problem filling the duty free quota..

Nie to see that Mikkeller has a broad Swedish distribution for one of his Christmas beers, this year named Fra via til. Assorted goodies from Germany, the US, England and Scotland, too. Among the Swedish beers, I probably have the highest expectations for the beers from Sigtuna, Nils Oscar and Jämtland.

BrewDog has their Zeitgeist available at about 14 local kronor a bottle, so I bought a few bottles to try out with some traditional Norwegian Christmas fare and a few shots of aquavit. It turned out to be a very good match.


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