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kassalapp polet

When news got out that Nøgne ø had received some whisky casks from their Scottish friends at BrewDog, the expectations were high in the Norwegian beer community.

I won’t bore you with details about the Norwegian state monopoly for alcohol once more, but there is a kind of loophole. If you know that there is a beer available at a registered brewery, you can make a special order. In practice, this means you have to order a minimum of a 12 bottle box, but there is a possibility of ordering a mixed box as well if the brewery is willing.

Well, when word got out that Nøgne ø had bottled the whisky cask versions of both their Imperial Stout and their Christmas beers, the special orders started flowing in. There are only 1500 bottles in total of the Imperial Stout, which means that a significant part must have been sold in this manner, leaving little for general distribution in other countries. Read: Pick this up if you can!

I placed an order in the middle of September, but Nøgne ø had not anticipated the demand, so we all had to wait for bottle labels to be printed.

I got a text message last week that my order was ready to be picked up, and yesterday afternoon I arrived to get my five boxes. Well, they were not all for me. Five of us made a joint order, and we threw in some bottles of their new barley wine as well.

With some leftovers from the Christmas beer tasting last Friday, the beer shelves in the basement are filled beyond their limit. Which means I’ll have to try out the newcomers. But I’ll try to wait until Friday.

Thanks to Per Christian for the photo.

Esker på polet

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