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I had time for a lunchtime session, and I had to pick one of the brew pubs on my list. Pivovarský dům was conveniently situated, reachable on foot from my hotel – and with a tram stop with direct connection back to my hotel.

The facade is very impressive, you don’t seem to pay much for window space in this part of town. Lots of breweriana inside the windows, but when you open the door, the place is more intimate than it looked like from the outside.

A lovely aroma of malt fills the room, there is no doubt that this is a working brewery.

There is a substantial many of Czech staples. I consider duck or game, but en up ordering a goulash with dumplings.

The beer range is rather special. In addition to the expected light and dark lagers, there is a range of flavoured beers as well as a weissen. Some of these are obviously brewed mostly for novelty, like the banana beer and the nettle beer. It is therefore very convenient that they have specially designed sampler devices, more or less modelled at the Kölschkranz Alan is yearning for.

How were the beers? Both the svetly and tmavy, the light and dark, were good representatives of the style. The light beer was both light and refreshing, with a lovely bitter tail that keeps growing. Flowers, mint and grass. The dark had cocoa, coffee and a little cocoa. Quite subtle, a beer you could keep drinking all night. On the sweet side, but there was a dusty dryness, too. I ordered a half liter of this to have with my meal.

The other beers? To be honest, none of them appealed very much to me. The added ingredients overpowered the beer. I think brewing some of those to a higher strength could possibly have made them more balanced and enjoyable.

The goulash was splendid, the prices were very decent.

I did by no means regret visiting.

But will I be back?

I think there are lots of other places in Prague I’d like to explore first.

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