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Three new Italians

I’ve told you about the box of beers I ordered from Birraland and which arrived the other week. Fees and taxes made the beers rather expensive, so I was hoping the beers were worth the expense.

I was especially looking forward to three beers from a new Italian micro brewery. It is run by the same people as the web shop Birraland, and they call the brewery Birrificio Civale.

The Alica pours hazy gold with a firm head. A light, refreshing ale, at 4.7% ABV this would be fine as a summer refreshment to be drunk in some quantity.

Citrus, grain and bubble gum aroma. Lemony finish, some pepper.

A little lightweight, perhaps, but all beers are not meant to be hop and alcohol bombs!

The Virtute has obvious Belgian inspiration, too. A fruity beer with peaches and oranges and a little lemon. Soft and round, the alcohol content of 7.5% is well camouflaged.

The Mervisia is dark gold with a snowy head. A complex nose with fruit, malt and alcohol. Firm malty body, sweet citrus. Belgian-like yeast, a little sweet and sour in the finish.

These beers may not be up there in the competition for the most extreme, punch-me-in-the-nose type of beers. But they are well crafted beers that are worth trying if you are able to find them. Mail order is probably the easiest for most of my readers.

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