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For my Norwegian readers – the rest of you just have to sit there and salivate. Nøgne ø have released some of their new beers on the Norwegian market.

Not for general sale, mid you, this is Norway after all. No, these are special order, you have to order at least a box (12 bottles) of each, either online at www.vinmonopolet.no or by turning up at your local friendly monopoly store.

The list:

71533 Imperial Stout Highland Edition
71534 God Jul Islay Edition
71535 Nøgne Ø Andhrimnir Barley Wine
71536 Nøgne Ø Tyttebær
71537 Nøgne Ø Imperial Brown Ale

I don’t know the prices, but I’m told the whisky cask beers are about 100 kroner each.

12 bottles of each beer is a bit much, so I have teamed up with some mates and e-mailed them an order.

I would hurry if I were you, I have a feeling these will be going fast!

I think most of the beers will turn up in the US as well, and I would not be surprised if some of the Danish speciality shops will have them.

Speaking of Denmark, I wouldn’t mind some samples of the barrel aged Nørrebro beers, either.

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