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Well, not visitors. But page views. Pretty good, and the traffic has been building up quite nicely this year. Maybe I’ll have a beer to celebrate!

One thing. Some of you tell me you read the blog regularly, but never comment. Maybe once a year or something?

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The brewer at Danish micro Duelund Bryglade,  Poul Højlund, has a fierce attack on some of the beers on the Danish market. Højlund is launching a new concept – Real Microbrew, with a BBB logo – Brewed at the Brewery by the Brewer. (for once a concept easy to translate!)

He attacks major industry players like Harboe and Carlsberg, who market beers with misleading labels.

There is no Kongens Bryghus, there is no Wibroe, and there is no De Fem Gårde. Those are names stuck on bottles brewed and bottled at a big industrial facility with the same costs as a discount pilsener, but which retail at high prices. And that is cheating .

Labels can be bought, so the buyer can pretend that Ølfabrikken still exists, even if the beers now are spit out of Harboes factory. 

As if this was not enough, he also has a special message for so called phantom brewers, some of them among my personal favourites like Mikkeler, Djævlebryg and Beer Here:

But is there anything wrong in being a phantom brewery? The beer may be just as good, maybe even better, because the big secret brewery might have better equipment, better brewers and lots of experience. No, it is O.K. – as long as we tell the customer that this bottle from this or that “brewery” is not a product from the non existing brewery on the label, but rather the result of clever beer design and various contracts for brewing.

Thanks to the ever reliable Beerticker.dk for making me aware of this!

Your cheatin heart?

Your cheatin' heart?

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