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Lemon grass time

I know there is a mini beer festival in Oslo on Saturday, but I won’t be able to attend. Luckily one of the showcase beers is the new Lemongrass Ale from Nøgne ø, which is already on tap at the Aku Aku Tiki bar.

I’m not into Polynesian food and drink, but I assume lemongrass is an authentic part of the cuisine.

I’ve stuck my head into this bar in the evening, but it was packed, and with a fairly young crowd. I gave it a pass, but returned in the early afternoon, when it was more suited for the middle aged.

The decor plays on  Thor Heyerdahl clichés, I assume the South Pacific illusion is more convincing when the lights are dimmed and the bar gets packed. Lots of mixed drinks, of course, Japanese whiskies and Caribbean rum.

A good selection of Norwegian micro beers in bottles, plus tow Nøgne ø beers on tap. One is rotating, one is the specially brewed lemon grass beer.

The beer has a creamy head over a hazy yellow body.

Strong lemon grass nose, and it dominates the flavour, too. I hate to say this, but it is a bit too close to the alcopop/fake cider market for me. Fine hops in the background, soft malty body, too, but they could have toned down the flavouring quite a bit. Sweet, lollipop-like aftertaste.

According to the barman, this sells quite well.

While this beer is brewed in cooperation with Aku Aku, it is also available in a few other bars in Norway and Denmark. I would not be surprised if it makes some festival appearances as well. It is not being bottled.

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