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I almost forgot.

We went on a day trip to Corsica from Sardinia this summer. It’s only an hour by ferry, but the bus took a few hours each way, too.

Bonifacio is well worth a visit. The old town is postcard pretty, the history buffs can drool over Napoleon and the Foreign Legion, and my steak frites was a welcome change from the Italian fare. The yachts in the harbour were among the most luxurious I have ever seen, this is clearly a playground for the  rich.

There are signs everywhere (well, not everywhere. Several places) boasting of Corsican beer, and I quickly found out there are three of them.

Pietra is the most famous, brewed with chestnuts, but there is a wheat beer – Colomba and a copper colored lager, Serena.

No tasting notes have survived – and none of the beers have etched themselves into my memory as outstanding, either. So I’ll be polite. They are not likely to offend the casual beer drinker. And they quench the thirst after a day in the sun.

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