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My little black book of beer notes covering the summer months has disappeared, meaning that my last post about Sardinia is a bit shorter than planned.

I went to the historical centre of Alghero on my own one evening, looking for pubs and beer bars. There are a few nice places in the small streets and alleys, some more pretentious, some probably springing into life around midnight. The prices fluctuate quite a bit, but some of the bars with more expensive German beers on tap tend to serve quite substantial bar snacks, almost like tapas, at least early in the evening.

I had been in touch with the most renown micro brewer of the island, Nicola Perra, who runs the Barley brewery. He recommended that I’d visit Al Refettorio, a restaurant int he heart of the old town. Sure, they had one of the Barley beers on offer, as well as a mystery beer.



The mystery beer first – Men Hir. This must be brewed with a wild yeast strain, with associations to lambic and cider. Pale yellow, low carbonation, crisp citrus dryness without ending up as vinegar. The label proclaims that this is a Birra Artiginale, the back label informs me that it is brewed on malted barley, hops and water.

And that’s it. No info about the brewery at all.

The other beer on the menu was Friska, which proudly states that is brewed by Barley. This is a wheat beer. This also has  some citrus, peaches. Fine balance between the fruity and the sour. Lemon sorbet finish. Well balanced, not falling into the banana trap some other wheat beers tend to do.

Sardinia 811And there was splendid food on offer, too. I had an outstanding tuna carpaccio with herbs and strawberries, followed by a pasta dish with ragù of lamb with peas and basil. It was so good I brought my family the next evening to try out more of the inventive menu, including paella and local fish.

The restaurant is not too hard to find, but a word of advice. If you sit outside, the benches are hard and uncomfortable – much better to go inside and be seated properly.

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