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A beer blogger in Gothenburg, Sweden, has come up with a great idea.

He has hidden a beer somewhere in town. Every day or so he blogs about a new clue to where it can be found. Photos, text, whatever.

The first person to find the beer is free to enjoy it.

But there is a catch. If you find the beer, you’ll be given the password to the blog. Then you’ll have to hide a new beer.

This is not for super rare beers – but they should be a bit hard to find, not your everyday Systembolaget stuff.

Thanks to Karlstöms Malt and Ofiltrerat for pointing to this.

Not in plain view

Not in plain view

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My blog post about marketing beer books in this day and age has turned into a symposium. Thanks to every one taking part in the discussion, particularly Pete!

sea horse

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The micro revolution

If I am in danger of running out of new beers to try in Europe (not very likely!), there are alternatives. According to the US Brewer’s Association, the number of breweries is higher than it’s been for a century. 1500 breweries, ladies and gentlemen.

It would be interesting to know how many of these are brewing beers available outside their local or regional markets. 10%?

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