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One of the first micros I wrote about when I started beer blogging was Nørrebro Bryghus in Copenhagen. They have expanded step by step with a brewery outside town taking care of the bottled beers, and quite a few of their beers are widely distributed in Denmark and beyond. While their regular list of beers might not have quite the wow factor it had five years ago, they have a staggering number of inventive beers at festivals, and there are lots of events at the brewery pairing beer and food, meetings with guest brewers etc which I’d love to attend.

While their ad for a new accountant is not the most exciting news in itself, it also sheds some light on their plans. They are currently running Fanø Bryghus, and they state that they are looking into establishing more brewery restaurants in Denmark and abroad.

For anyone in Scandinavia considering setting up a brewpub, a cooperation with Nørrbro should be seriously considered. Their experience both form the brewing end and the business end of things could come in very useful.

Thanks for beerticker.dk for pointing to the ad. He also mentionsthat Nørrebro Bryghus have planned for some time to open an establishment in Århus.

A pity that their bar at Kastrup airport closed down – a very welcome contrast to an ocean of Carlsberg.


Nørrebro festival offers

Nørrebro festival offers

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