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More from Sardinia

I promised you more, didn’t I?

We stayed in Alghero, which is on the Northwestern coast of the island. Touristy, sure, but the airport was not that busy, not much beyond Nordic charter flights and Ryanair, most of which seemed to be domestic Italian flights. It is very comfortable to land at a small airport, the luggage arrives quickly and you are in town in ten minutes.

Our hotel was not the cheapest in town, but towards the economy end of the scale. There was no air condition, which was quite all right during our stay, as we had quite moderate temperatures.

The food? Far better than in Sicily two years ago, a good range of restaurants, good markets with fruit, vegs and cheese, a few very well stocked supermarkets. Good local wines by the carafé with lots of fruitiness.

The beer? Well, mostly pale lager. Some of the more rustic places had the big national lagers on tap, typically in liter mugs for sharing. Some pubs with a decent selection of German beers on tap.

The local lager, Ichnusa was rather thin and watery, but it has a little hoppiness in the finish which lifted it above the rubbish level of the national brands. It did the job of washing way the sand and dust after a day on the beach.

A pleasant surprise was finding a number of beers from Bamberg in a discount shop, all brewed by the Kaiserdombrewery. The best of the lot, except a few Sardinian specialities I’ll elaborate about later.

The Sardinian flag shows four more’s heads. Sometimes they are blindfolded, sometimes not. This flag, as all proper flags, fell down from heaven during a battle about 1000 years ago. Or something. I tried Wikipedia:

The fact that the seal has varied across the centuries, with the Moors variously being blindfolded, bareheaded, crowned, close-eyed, open-eyed, and wearing headbands, and facing in various different directions, has only increased confusion.

How helpful.

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