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I promised a post about how to get beer while enjoying your holiday in the sun, didn’t I? Well then.

I will get back to reports on the general beer scene in Sardinia later in the week. There are some gems, easily overlooked by the pale lagers, but they are hard to find.

While looking at some Italian beer sites a few days before we were due to leave, I came across a mail order company in Alessandria, Birraland. Their web site is in Italian only, but there were quite a few beers I wanted to try.

With a little help from Google in translating the terms of delivery I took the chance of ordering six large bottles delivered to my hotel, using the comment part of the order form apologizing for my lack of language skills.

I got a confirmation right away, the delivery was estimated at 36 hours, and on arrival the package was waiting for me in my hotel room. The beers are not cheap – Italian craft beers are pricey. But the delivery charges are reasonable, the packaging was superb – and the beers were splendid.

The best of the beers was probably the San Paolo Ipé.

A well balanced and rather complex beer. Grassy hops, a little yeast. Cereals and spices, both spearmint and pepper come to mind. Long lasting bitter and spicy mouth feel.

The good people of Birraland also brew their own beers under the name of Birrificio Civale. They are currently trying to find the cheapest available shipping to get some of their bottles to Norway. I’ll keep you informed.

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A beer with Obama

I don’t encourage excessive drinking on my blog, and my regular readers know I try to focus on quality rather than quantity.

But, sometimes, having a few too many breaks down our inhibitions and enable us to take part in conversations that at the time feel brilliant (but the next morning less so).

Read John Kennedy’s A Beer With Obama at the New Yorker web site. Lovely.

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