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A Bristol pub has been banned from serving any drinks in glass and running drinks promotions, according to the Morning Advertiser.

The Enterprise Inns owned Wayfarer in Pen Park Road, Southmead has been told it must use polycarbonate glasses after a licensing review.

PC Hen Staveley-Brown was hit in the face with a pint glass in February and nearly lost her sight after trying to intercept a drug deal in the toilets. The pub has been closed since 6 June when the licensee left.

Another man, Chris Anderson has a false eye after he was punched in the face at the venue.

The article goes on to list the conditions for the pub to keep its licence, including  a rule that all drinks are to be served in plastic or other non-breakable materials.

I have sympathies with the campaigners who try to keep good pubs open in various parts of Britain. But places like this should be shut down for good without any remorse.

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