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Sagene Lunsjbar is a relic from a lost age. I’m not sure what’s fact and what’s legend, but there has been an inn here since the 1850’s, providing food and drink to people passing by on what was a busy road in and out of Oslo.

I don’t think this was very pretentious to start with, but it slid steadily downhill over the decades, and it ended up being a refuge for serious daytime drinkers.

The area surrounding the old inn was sold for development a few years ago, and everyone expected that the old timbered house would be chopped up for firewood. No such thing. It was wrapped up in plastic for years, but then it suddenly reappeared, polished like an old gem.

I don’t think there is much daytime beer drinking there now, it appeals to a more varied clientele. A good range of low priced lunch and dinner dishes,  a coffee menu and table service seems to have hit the spot in this working class and not quite gentrified neighbourhood. A few tables outside on the back for warm days.

The beer of choice? They seem to be tied to Carlsberg/Ringnes. A bottle of Hoegaarden is the most interesting on the list.

A vintage watering hole

A vintage watering hole

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