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The fish sopup is recommended

The fish soup is recommended

It’s still hot here. Almost 30 degrees, the beaches are packed and I’d think even Carlsberg are smiling at this. There were hundreds of people lining up for ice cream at the new beach at the end of the runway of Fornebu airport yesterday. They are developing parts of the airport, but a large chunk has been set aside for recreation and as a bird sanctuary.

Further down the coast they are receiving the summer tourists with open arms. Arendal is one of the towns that get rather busy for a month or two, and lost of the visitors come by boat. Arendal is quite close to Grimstad, home of the Nøgne ø brewery, and Nøgne ø is running the restaurant in the guest harbor this summer. This means Nøgne ø Blond on tap, their full range of bottled beers plus good food.

Erik has sent me some photos, and this seems like just the place to spend a few summer evenings. I’m afraid it’s not on my route this year.


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