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A sampler glass

A sampler glass

According to the organisers, there are already plans to have a new event next year. Here are some words of advice on how things could be improved.

Note that I do not know the economics of the festival and I have no inside knowledge of negotiations between various parties. This are just personal remarks basked on my general beer knowledge and for participation in various events.

1. Cut down on the number of days. If you are a small scale importer or brewer, four hotel nights plus meals in Oslo means lots of extra expenses. Thursday-Saturday or Friday -Saturday are two options. Maybe some cooperation with various beer bars could be of interest here.

2. Start discussions with the Norwegian micro breweries right away.  How can we create maximum exposure for them within a reasonable budget? A common tent for the Norwegian micros would probably be a good idea. The three most interesting are in my opinion Haandbryggeriet, Nøgne ø and Ægir, but there are also newcomers that could fit well into this. Inderøy is one good alternative.

The Norwegian micros should not only be for sale, there should also be tutoured tastings, meet the brewer and similar events.

3. The festival booklet should have more examples on how to try various beer styles. Around the festival in 10 beers – with suggestions on styles and countries – could be one possibility.

4. Beer tastings. There are a number of people here in Oslo with an excellent knowledge of beer and beer styles who would be happy to help out  in arranging tastings. Beers from Scotland, wheat beers, speciality beers, Danish micro beers – there could be a wide range.

5. The draft beers from Bornholm were excellent, please expand the range of beers in cask and keg. One idea is to look at the closest craft breweries across the border – I can recommend the beers from Dugges and Oceanbryggeriet, both in Gothenburg.

6. More festival special brews. This draws the tickers, and it creates a buzz.

7. Keep it in Sofienbergparken.

8. I found the beers generally too expensive. Maybe a huge success with lots of customers next year can help adjust the prices?

Happy guests

Happy guests

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