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They have released the list of beers now, though not on their web site, and while their advance hype focused on micro beers, the end result is what some of us feared – a long list of crap lagers. Some decent British, particularly Scottish, bottled beers, but most of them are to be found in supermarkets already.

The list of draft beers is the most dismal:

  • San Miguel Especial
  • Lapin Kulta
  • Strongbow cider
  • Newcastle Brown Ale
  • Foster’s
  • Marston’s Pedigree Ale
  • Marston’s Oyster Stout
  • Du Monde Gold
  • Du Monde Blanc
  • Heineken
  • CB Jubileum
  • Hansa Pilsner
  • Aass Pilsner
  • Aass Bayer
  • Oslo Mikrobryggeri Festivaløl/Naboøl

Only the festival beer from Oslo Mikrobryggeri stands out, the other Norwegian micros are absent. No Nøgne ø, no Ægir, no Håndbryggeriet.

Will I be there? Sure, there are a few beers I want to taste, and there is no entrance fee, so I will pop in. But I’m glad I haven’t paid good money for travel and accommodation to attend this..

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