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There are lots of calls for action for saving civilization as we know it, meaning, of course, the British pub. The figures still look bleak, there are now 50 pubs closing very week.

The role of the large pub companies, who to a large extent took over the role the large brewers used to have, is disputed, and it seems obvious to me that it is impossible for the whole industry to speak with one voice – there are conflicting interests involved.

One sobering voice is a comment in the Economist last month: But to develop any future policy that might let pubs and publicans flourish it seems the biggest deficit is good data: on tied tenancies, how rents are fixed and terminated, how beer is priced and just how far discounts benefit the customer.

Read the whole article, it gives an overview not to be found in the trade press.

Til Death Do Us Part

Til Death Do Us Part

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