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Island in the sun

In case you are wondering, the current photo in the banner is from the Greek island Syros.

There is a waterside bar close to the centre of Ermepolis, the church is dedicated to St. Nicholas.

Don’t tell anyone!

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Former soccer star Erik Thorstvedt thinks the Norwegian beer prices could spoil the chances for hosting the European Championship in 2016.

To put it frankly, the Norwegian beer prices are a big challenge. The fans consume a lot of beer during these events. Most people coming here are not well of, and they would spend a lot of money just getting here, says Thorstvedt to the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad.

He points out that the beer prices are extremely high in Norway compared to rivals Turkey, Italy and France, who are also interested in hosting the European Championship. The former Tottenham keeper thinks this might be a factor that weakens Norway as a candidate.

I don’t know how they organise this, but it would be brilliant if they could subsidise this in one way or another, says Thorstvedt.

And pigs might fly…

Nice scenery, pity about the prices

Nice scenery, pity about the prices

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