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The New York Times tries to make good after its story on Beer Lao – now they cover the local scene in Hong Kong.

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Jeppe at Ølbutikkenin Copenhagen has a problem – his beers are too popular. Besides importing the best beers available around the world and making sure they sell some of the best Danish micros to be found, he also commissions special beers. Some of them from his brother Mikkel, some of them from Cantillon in Brussels.

Jeppe drives all the way to Brussels with Danish blueberries to be used in a special Ølbutikken Blåbær Lambic. Each year there is a limited number of bottles, sold under the condition that they are not to be resold. He even put himself on the label. One of the ways for this specialist beer shop to survive is to offer limited edition beer like this, appealing to the hard core beer community.

Jeppe is not particularly pleased that some of the bottles have turned up at the Cracked Kettle in Amsterdam. At inflated prices. 74€ per bottle. Please do not buy any.

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