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I had to return home again on Saturday evening. 17 May is when we celebrate out independence day in Norway, with lots of activities for children – in short a time for being with your family.

I left Valby at seven for my plane shortly before nine. The airport was almost empty, though the plane was full. A snack on the plane, through customs without any fuss, the train back home.

The same question as always – did the beers survive?

I had, in a moment of Dutch – or maybe Danish – Courage, told my mates Geir Ove and Ole Richard that we could split one of the special festival packages, I could carry it home. A magnum bottle of Mikkeller’s special festival beer plus six beautiful glasses. I somehow managed to fit the bottle inside my suitcase, the box of glasses was under my arm.

I’m afraid two of the glasses are broken. But the bottle survived.

As did all the other bottles, most of them from Ølbutikken. One leaky cork, I suspect that is the Lost Abbey Ten Commandments. I suppose I have to drink that one soon, then.

I’ve started sampling the beer stock since the photo was taken. I’ve enjoyed every drop. Except the Amager 3. akt, which is not up to their usual standard.

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