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Following my enthusiastic reports over the last few days, you’ll know that I was generally very impressed. Lots of volunteers making this possible, friendly brewers and importers, old and new acquaintances.

I have only myself to blame for not being present for the launching of special beers like the Mikkeller/BrewDog collaboration Divine Rebel. But better this type of disappointment than running out of interesting beers to try during the afternoon – I have a nagging fear this will happen in Oslo next month.

Still – how could the Copenhagen Festival be improved?

All in all, this was very enjoyable, and they seem to have good routines for running the event in Valbyhallen. The S-trains taking less than ten minutes from downtown are also fine.

The food was, like last year, surprisingly good. New potatoes are underrated!

More seating is always in demand. There were some plastic seats along a wall, probably used for sports events, but they were not very comfortable. On the other hand, you’d better use the premium space for stands rather than for seating, I suppose. And there was seating in the food tent.

ratebeer table

ratebeer table

The lack of proper ventilation is my main criticism. With thousands of people drinking in an enclosed space, you have to make sure there is enough oxygen. When I left at seven on Saturday evening, I was not the only one feeling uncomfortable due to the bad air quality. This was like drinking before the smoking ban. Please do something about this next time.

The lack of oxygen would, ironically, have been a bigger problem if the festival had been more successful in attracting visitors. There were just 7000 visitorsover three days.  The festival at the Carlsberg premises last year had three times as many. This probably means a significant deficit – on top of the red figures from last year.

I hope the low number of visitors does not mean that this event was the last of its kind. These event mean a lot for the innovations on the European beer scene. I hope better marketing and fine tuning of the concept will mean a better attendance next time around.

Not crowded enough

Not crowded enough

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