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Beer tourism

The Indy has an article about beer tourism in Cumbria (England). A good read.

I am tempted, but I think I would prefer a tour with a bit more exercise between pubs. A walking tour in a picturesque part of England is definitely on my want to do list.

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Has Elgin lost its marbles?

Sometimes you feel lucky. Not because everything is rosy and pleasant, rather the opposite. The weather has turned from sunny to grey, the kids don’t want to get up at Monday mornings, the key card to the office was left in the other jacket. But still.

I feel lucky I don’t live in Elgin, Illinois. Their blurb goes like this:

Incorporated in 1854, Elgin Illinois is a city with a fascinating past, an engaging present and an exciting future. Home to nearly 106,000 residents, Elgin is a warm and friendly community that embraces newcomers and long-time residents alike.

Well, they don’t embrace everyone. Not quite. Not from what I read in the Chicago Tribune.

Elgin City Council members Wednesday approved an amended ordinance prohibiting the sale of single-serve beer and wine products to help combat public drunkenness.

The ban, which will go into effect June 15, is an attempt to rid the city of lewd behaviors which have been a growing nuisance–especially in the summer–in train and bus stations, on bike and jogging paths, along the river and in nearby neighborhoods, officials said.

The ordinance bans the sale of about 40 beers and malt liquors that are often sold in 40-ounce quantities. Included is Bull Ice, Keystone Ice and King Cobra Malt, which typically sell for $2 to $3 for a 40-ounce container. Banned wines Gino’s Premium Blend and MD 20/20, which sell for about $3 per bottle.

The amendment also includes fines for public nuisances including public intoxication, sitting or lying on sidewalks and aggressive panhandling.

Aggressive panhandling, well, I would think you could find more general legislation to cope with that. But sitting on sidewalks?

With a city council like that, I’d reach for a bottle of MD 20/20 as well.

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