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Brutal honesty

My writing on this blog is most often showing my enthusiasm for a beer, a bar or a brewery, I don’t bother to say much about places I dislike.

Refreshingly different is a guide to Chisnau, Moldova. I found the printed version inside the Air Baltic inflight magazine, but luckily this is avialable on the web as well.


Some samples from their restaurant reviews:

Café Café is a perfect place to visit at those moments when the post-Soviet cocktail of homeless dogs, façades papered with ad posters and jam-packed ancient trolley-buses in the streets of Chişinău has overpowered you, reducing to hopeless apathy. The location of Café Café is a side street exactly like any other in Chişinău – which makes the surprise all the more unexpected: a sudden feel of contemporary Europe in the middle of nowhere….

Everything is very fresh and delicious; be warned, however, that most dishes are cooked in unrefined sunflower oil which lends a very specific flavour to the food….

We would not recommend any of the fish dishes – fish is definitely not the speciality of Moldovan cuisine and you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.


This is part of anothertravelguide.com, which features personal recommendations for a number of cities. I glanced at the entries for Tromsø, Norway, they seem to have had a better time there.


Personal, well written. And we cannot all have a beer angle, can we?

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