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My plane leaves at 06:50 tomorrow morning. Which means I have to be at the airport at six or thereabouts. Which means the 05:35 Airport Express train. Ten minutes walk to the train. My alarm is set at 04:45.

At least there is plenty of time for a proper Danish breakfast and shopping for some beers to take home before the  beer festival starts at noon.

It is a smaller event than last year, but there still are hundreds of beers I haven’t tried. I’ll probably focus on the few new Italian beers, some BrewDog rarities, Mikkeller, Amager and Nøgne ø. Plus the new Beer Here brewery. That should be more than enough.

But then there is Hornbeer. And Nørrebro. And Djævlebryg. And Fuller’s Vintage 2008 on cask…

Return flight at 20:40. It’s going to be a long day.

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That’s Manuele behind the taps.

The t-shirt says When I die, I want to be fermented.

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