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A few extra bottles

My suitcase was checked in at Leonardo da Vinci Airport without any questions, even if it was a few – well, five – kilos above the weight limit.  My flight to Rome had been with the familiar Scandinavian Airlines, back home I had found a cheap ticket with air baltic.

This meant a one hour stop over in Riga. The three hours Rome-Riga were mostly spent dozing, my seat far to the back in Economy was not too comfortable. When we landed, I headed for the transit area and a shop I knew from last year’s visit.

In addition to the booze and perfume shops, the chocolate and the cigars, there is a shop specializing in local food and handicrafts. I bought a few Baltic Porters there last year, and had planned to do the same.

No porters available, but among a broad range of ciders and alcopops there was a decent selection of lagers. Not the pale international ones, but the Latvian style beers with some honey aroma. And the ticker in me could certainly not resist that there were four beers I hadn’t seen before.

The beers were a bit pricey compared to what you’d pay in a Latvian supermarket, but not outrageous. When I walked to my plane even the hand luggage was a bit heavier.

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