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Before I leave, John hands me his card and tells me to visit his other shop if I have the time. It is up near the Vatican.

The next afternoon is warm and wonderful. I have a few beer bars mapped out, but I decide to wait a bit. The metro takes me across the river and up to the Northwestern part of the city. The walk from the tube is exactly the time it takes to eat two scoops of Italian ice cream, one coconut, one coffee flavoured. Sure, there is the other shop, with the inventory even more stunning. The Italian range here is even better than in the first one, and the shelves and coolers are filled up.

I really have enough for my suitcase already, but the man in charge helps me pick a few more Italian craft beers. A few which are just out of their boxes, brewed by Birra Amiata. A chestnut beer, a multi-grain beer. Some chilled German Weizenbocks to enjoy later, perhaps. The bright and airy shop is filled with temptations. The Montegioco range. Rare beers from Maltus Faberin Genova.

Not cheap, but decently priced for craft beers.

I tear myself loose. Five bottles is enough, there will be others available later tonight as well. I pay and walk south.

My ultimate destination is a few kilometers away, and St. Peter’s Square is not really a detour. The opportunity of vising a new country is not to be missed, even if it is for a few minutes.

But it is a hot day. A pub sign in a side street beacons to me, and I walk over to have a look. From a fair range of beers on tap and in bottles I choose a German wheat beer, a Kapuziner Weisse. The Pope does probably as for a Weienstephaner like the one he drank during his student days, but this will do nicely for me right now.

Note that the address of the second shop is not on their web site. It is Via Trrionfale 11.

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