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Beverage Daily has started a series where they are looking into the potential of craft beer in various markets in Europe. I haven’t had the time to analyze this properly, but it seems to me to be some confusion concerning terms here. Using a local or regional brand name does not necessarily mean craft.

I’ll come back to this when they publish further articles in the series, but it seems to me that the beer industry organisation Brewers of Europe tries to cover up what is a very basic conflict of interest – between the global players and the genuine craft breweries.

The BOE says that while small brewers can provide a good image of quality local products, big brewers can play up their reputation on a much more global basis, ensuring there was no interest in competing with the smaller brands.

If you want to produce and sell a billion liters of Heineken, you would want to compete with any brand, large or small.

A real small scale brewer

A real small scale brewer

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