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So then. I have squeezed as many blog posts out of our trip to England as possible. Just one more thing. There was actually good beer to be had at the airport.

For various reasons, I usually travel via Heathrow Terminal 3 to and from London. Could be the SAS loyalty card, mostly because of the convenience of the SAS schedule between Oslo and London. It is certainly not because of the beer, at best there are a few bottled bitters at inflated prices.

This time our flight home was from Gatwick’s South terminal. The check in was speedy enough, the security took ages – and then we were in the quite spacious international departures lounge. The usual chain stores – Harrods, Dixon’s, W.H.Smith’s, you know.

But there is also a Wetherspoons pub, The Flying Horse. The wooden decor is a bit out of place, but the cask ale was genuine enough. Six ales on hand pump, including a fine Exmoor Gold.

There are strong views on Wetherspoon’s. Some won’t set foot in them, others are quite happy to get new scoops at decent prices. They are actively promoting ale, even having special ales brewed for their festivals. Sure, they may squeeze out more traditional pubs on the High Street, but in a place like this, I think a chain concept like this works very well. And it does not attract the assortment of smelly old men you tend to see in some of the land side pubs.

But if you want to stick to principles, there is another option. Among the other watering holes there was  one with a sign promising cask London Pride.

So, it you plane is delayed, things are not totally bleak.

The Flying Horse

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